Double Rifles | Side-by-Side Double Rifles

Safety in harmony with perfectly balanced design

Main features
Classic design, double trigger bars-ejector imitate H&H, individual handmade, large variety of different calibres available

Double-Radial-Riegelverschluss with extended barrel hooks. Side-locks with double trigger bars and ejector imitate Holland & Holland and/or with extractor.

Precision barrel from special Böhler barrel steel
Style and length are individual

Sighting device
One-,two- or three folding express sight(s) with bead (front) or Holland & Holland folding sight
"Suhler" riflescope mounting or swivel-mounted (custom handmade or buy in)

From first choice quality Turkish walnut, measure-manufactured with classic long-drawn-out German cheek, English butt plate, grip cap and sling ring

Caliber choise*
7 x 57R, 7 x 65R, 9,3 x 74R, .375 Fl, .375 H&H, .416 Rigby, .470 NE, .500 NE

Additional options
On request

Representation 9,3 x 74R / 9,3 x 74R with double trigger and hair trigger, finest steel engraving with royal-arabeskque, pistol grip with "altbayrischer" cheek, handmade gun case - luxury version with individual equipment

*In principle, nearly all kinds of caliber are available.