Restoration and service of hunting rifles

Workshop - perfection and attention to detail meet each other

In our workshop have been produced finest and noblest hunting guns of any kind in almost pure handcraft for decades. Double shotguns, double rifles, rifle shotguns and many more, are manufactured here completely according to customer requirements. The love for the craft and a distinctive technical understanding, let almost every wish (as far as safety aspects are harmless) of Gunsmith's dream come true. We are a little proud of the fact that even in England, the motherland of noble rifles, our work is well known and renowned international trade magazines report about us.

Of course, improvements in shooting performance, new stocks and the production of handmade rifle scope mounts - to name but a few - are also part of the our daily tasks. In addition, we are happy to advice/answer technical questions in advance and try to solve our customers' problems in the best possible way. Therefore we take and see us in the present time - where meanwhile more gun dealers than true master gunsmiths appear - as one of the last traditional european professional gunsmiths to contact, if it is about more than "nur" about consulting about products from machine mass production.


Workshop - Restoration of historical English hunting rifles

One of our main specialities - in our very precise workshop - is the servising of sidelock rifles such as double rifles and double shotguns from historical European gunsmiths. After decades of hunting under adverse weather conditions, many of these handcrafted unique pieces have to be serviced in order to continue to use them safely. Rust, Material fatigue, wood shrinkage, worn system bedding, tired functional springs, wood damage, etc. can hardly be ruled from rifles which were made around the turn of the century. They are mostley not apparent to the layman at first glance, but usually only become apparent upon close professional examination under the visible and sometimes also apparently new "surface".

In addition to the functional, precision and safety priorities, we place the highest priority on processing, servisation and refinement true to the original - thus maintaining the value of the weapon 100%!
Since we are one of the few hand-numbered specialized master gunsmiths in Central Europe, which was created through our special devotion to these English guns, we are still able to carry out the same true-to-the-original work, or to re- manufacture tired parts by hand as we used to do in the past. The guns remain absolutely true to the original even after our restoration and is perceived as such even by critical collectors.


Preparation of old luxury hunting rifle cases

Workshop - Restoration of historical hunting rifle cases

We also provide our customers with professional support in the restoration of old gun cases. Just as we attach great importance to sustainable and sustainable development in our newly manufactured cases/cassettes quality and the finest materials, we will be happy to restore even old, aging or worn gun cases to their former glory for you, and thus make them available again like a new, proper and safe storage option.

In our opinion, a beautiful and valuable hunting rifle should, of course, also be protected during future journeys or transports.

Expertise and consulting for historical European hunting rifles

Buying advice - You are about to buy a historical hunting gun and would need professional advice?

Our purchase appraisals usually pay for themselves even with the smallest purchase amounts, because what at first glance seems very cheap can quickly become a very expensive and complex investment on closer inspection.

Similar to vintage cars, works of art, ships, etc., special examinations are also necessary for historical hunting weapons in order to avoid "surprises" after the supposedly cheap purchase. Therefore, especially before buying such historical "bargains", utmost care and a professional assessment in advance is absolutely recommended!

You are welcome to ask for our consulting services or an expert opinion before buying from us. We are very flexible in this respect, know all the well-known auction houses in Europe and maintain regular contact with them. We would also be pleased to accompany you personally to one of these auction houses if there is no other possibility to inspect the weapons in advance.