Mountain-Stutzen / Brake Down Double Rifle Over and Under

Established and yet innovative, they are preferably used for raised hide or stalking hunts

Main features
Classic design, Double trigger bars-ejector imitate H&H, individual handmade, variety of different calibres available

Doppelradialriegelverschluss with Kersten, side-locks with double trigger bars and ejector imitate Holland & Holland.

Precision barrel from Böhler barrel steel
Style and length are individual

Sighting device
Fixed sights and bead (front) sight

From first choice quality walnut, measure-manufactured with classic long-drawn-out German cheek, English butt plate, grip cap and sling ring

Caliber choise*
Barrel 1 .22 Hornet, 5,6 x 50R, 5,6 x 52R, 6,5 x 57R
Barrel 2 7 x 57R, 7 x 65R, 8 x 57IRS, 300 Win.Mag.

Representation .243 Win.Mag. | .300 Weath.Mag., double trigger and hair trigger, finest steel engraving with royal-arabesque, pistol grip with "bayrischer"cheek and hog bac

*In principle, nearly all kinds of caliber are available.